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Practice History

Our firm has its roots set firmly in Pinetown’s history.

Attorney Edward Francis Willcocks commenced practice in Pinetown in 1924. In conjunction with his law practice, Willcocks also conducted business as an estate agent and as an agency for the Johannesburg Building Society – subsequently the Allied Building Society which is now part of ABSA!

Attorney Hugh Le Marchand, after his return from World War 2, purchased Willcocks’ practice in 1946 and the firm became known as Willcocks & Le Marchand.
In 1961 Barry Goudge went into partnership with Le Marchand and the practice name changed to H W Le Marchand Goudge & Company.

Meanwhile, Barrie McClung (who, with Barry Goudge, served articles of clerkship at the same firm in Durban) had come to Pinetown (in 1953) to run the office of attorneys Darby & Higgs. He subsequently bought the practice which became Darby Higgs & McClung.
Upon Hugh Le Marchand retiring from his practice with Barry Goudge an amalgamation took place between Barry Goudge and Barrie McClung in July 1964 and the firm’s name changed to McClung Le Marchand Goudge & Company.

In 1973, Ken Mustard was admitted as a partner and the firm’s name became McClung Goudge & Mustard.
In 1981, Barry Goudge retired from private practice and Gordon McGlashan, having served his articles of clerkship with the firm, was admitted as a partner and in due course the name changed to McClung Mustard & McGlashan.

Rob Bosch was admitted as a partner of the practice in 1989 and on 1st March 1996 the name of the firm was changed to McClung, Mustard, McGlashan and Bosch. Barrie McClung retired as a partner in 1995 but continued his association with the firm as a consultant until 2003. At the end of February 2002 Gordon McGlashan took his leave of the practice and relocated to Scotland.

During 2003, Chris de Beer and Carmel Mustard joined the practice as professional assistants and at the end of November 2003 Rob Bosch emigrated to the USA.
Chris De Beer and Carmel Mustard were admitted as partners in the practice with effect from 1st March 2006.

On the 31st July 2011 Chris de Beer left the practice to join a large firm in Umhlanga.
The name of the firm was changed to McClung-Mustard with effect from the 1st August 2011.

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Legal Topics

For the information of our clients, we have prepared articles on certain aspects of law that may be of interest. Please note that these are not detailed expositions of the law but are for information and interest only. Please obtain professional advice before you act in any way.